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5 reasons why Qi is loved by archivists

Qi capitalises on Keepthinking’s 17-year experience working with organisations in the public, arts and cultural sectors. Our collections management system supports core functions of archival administration; such as accessioning, inventory control, authority control and search.

  • Screengrabs of Qi and archival websites with interactive trees

1. User friendly and intuitive

Qi has been designed with the final users in mind. Its interface is intuitive and much easier to use than other database management systems. You’ll be able to manage your content with minimal support, after a training session provided by our personable team.

2. Seamless integration with the website

No need to export and import to elsewhere. As a CMS, Qi can be used to manage both your archive and website, helping you showcase your archival materials without restriction and reflecting changes in real time.

  • Screengrabs of Qi and archival websites with interactive trees

3. Bespoke configuration

Every archive is unique, and therefore we provide a unique system configuration that caters for your organisation’s needs. Qi allows for complete customisation of field and tab layout for every type of content.  

4. Standards compliant

Manage and organise your archives to the highest standards. Qi is fully compliant with DACS and ISAD(G), among others (link to article about spectrum 5). Qi’s flexibility allows it to conform to any existing and future standard.

5. Sophisticated DAMS

Our integrated Digital Asset Management system accepts files in over 400 file formats.

On top of this, Qi is an integrated solution that can be used to manage archives, collections, libraries and websites, all simultaneously.

If you’re looking for a collections management system tailored to your specific needs, contact us for a demo

  • Screengrabs of Qi and archival websites with interactive trees