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Art UK’s collection now includes sculpture

  • Over a year ago our long standing clients Art UK came to us with a challenge.  The existing collection of paintings, drawings and other two dimensional artworks was to be expanded to include sculptural works.  Art UK's mission would be to catalogue the nation’s sculpture; to make it publicly accessible, and easy to enjoy, research and discover.

    This ambitious project had website implications (of course); and so we all got together to discuss how to turn this idea into a reality.  We needed to consider the design of the artwork pages to include more imagery, as well as incorporate other information that affected sculpture records (the role of the creator of sculpture is not always an 'artist' but could be maker or otherwise); and we also need to adapt the map for more exploration.

    With the Art UK collection due to expand exponentially with the sculpture project, we also improved the search engine that powered the website; by integrating with Elasticsearch.  This means that discovering the nation’s art can now be done at greater speed.

    The expansion of the artworks is part of a large piece of work by Art UK, and Keepthinking has been honoured to play its part in making it work for them.

    Search for sculpture on their website to discover more…