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You can now visit the Media Majlis museum online

The upcoming opening of the Media Majlis and the launch of the website we created with them has demonstrated the importance of having a website that not only tells the visitor about the museum, but also supports and expands upon the museum’s exhibited content.

Media Majlis is a rare case in museums. Not only is it one of very few media focused museums, but it is championing freedom of expression whilst being situated in the Middle East. The items the museum will be exhibiting, and those it wishes to exhibit, are frequently of an emotionally and politically charged nature. Therefore, the way in which they are shown, and the context in which they are shown, is of high importance.

The website has been designed to complement the interconnectivity of the content, as well as take the user through it. The ‘Explore content’ section of the website is a reinvention of the classic object search; and is a fluid space in which collection objects and their connections enable clear user navigation between them.

A physical display shows you a proportion of a museum’s collection, and for Media Majlis the same is true of the exhibition. This website supplements each exhibition, and the exhibitor is able to signpost and link across exhibitions in a way that is not possible in a physical exhibition space.

Designing and developing this website was a thrilling experience, and we look forward to seeing how this content will be added to and hearing about when it opens its doors!

Take a look at our project page, and of course please visit the museum’s website!