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Asia Art Archive

Hosting one of the most valuable growing collections of material on the recent history of art from the region, Asia Art Archive seeks to act as a catalyst for new ideas that enrich visitors' understanding of the world through the collection, creation, and sharing of knowledge. Keepthinking designed and developed the new website, creating closer links between the collection and the stories around it, with the Qi CMS used for collection management, as well as web content management.

  • The homepage immediately outlines the variety of content on the site, with entry points to the collections and editorialised content through highlights and tags.

  • Curated highlights and an extensive, flexible search enable visitors to access the library and research collections in a variety of intuitive ways.

    0.1 Collection
  • Upon reaching the results page, visitors can refine their search through a range of filters, as well as reordering according and changing the view according to preference.

    0.2 Search Results
  • When in a single archive collection, visitors are presented with a hierarchy view to have an immediate idea of what items are within the specific archive. This hierarchy can be hidden to the side of the screen, ensuring it remains easily accessible.

    0.3 Single Archive - Grid
  • Within a single item, detailed descriptions and other important information is presented in a clear manner, with routes to more content accessible via links in the details and related items. We enabled different templates to allow flexibility in display for item types, including a lightbox view for archive items.

    0.5 Single Item
  • Ideas can be curated and featured on the overview page, allowing AAA to shine a light on its latest and greatest.

    0.7 Ideas
  • There is a great deal of flexibility for displaying images within the body text of single ideas, with full-bleed carousels, single full-width images or thumbnails that open in a lightbox view. Again, employing links in the details and related content ensures no dead ends for visitors.

    0.8 Single Idea
  • The Resources overview page draws together the breadth of content types into an easy-to-navigate hub. Visitors can drill down into videos, teacher resources and data depending on what they're looking for.

    0.9 Resources
  • Images and videos are seamlessly incorporated within a single resource, ensuring versatility in content and presentation, while always maintaining the clarity seen throughout the new website.

    1.0 Single resource