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Dilettante Music

Now, here is a revolutionary idea: classical music is alive, making headlines, sells and generates a lot of buzz. The world does not necessarily spin around Madonna or the U2, there are lots of people who are truly enthusiastic about listening to and performing a different kind of music. The term classical is somehow out of date, as a lot of new non-pop music is being composed today. Enter Dilettante Music, a community for everyone who loves, listens to, plays and writes Music, with the added benefit of the huge AMG music backend, fully integrated.

The Dilettante Music website on a desktop computer.
  • The home page featured lots of activities related to events, music and members, often combined with one another. Blog posts, concerts, new music being uploaded, they all found a place and a link on the site.

    Screen of the Dilettante Music website homepage.
  • At its peak, members reached 6,000 - which is impressive for a specialist, independent social community. Members could create their profile, add their favourite music linking to the AMG database, upload their performance and of course talk to others. It became a vibrant community. It's a shame it had to close in December 2010 due to budget constraints.

    Screen of the Dilettante Music website members page.